Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller. Obelisk Press. 1934

The inclusion of this novel in this series is somewhat of a wild-card. It’s a book that has drastically affected my work as a writer, but only because of how much I appreciated how the work was written as a novel. The freeness of thought and expression, the unapologetic account of human experience through such an unapologetically subjective character, these elements of individualism and authenticity reignited my appreciation for writing and reading after having done neither for months. I won’t go to lengths to describe what makes the writing successful, as I cannot apply his talents and skills to my own writing as he was writing creative, philosophical, fabricated erotic fiction and the success of this writing this has little bearing on my own. My interest in him lies in how this book reignited my love for leisure reading and the effect of this on my writing.

After reintroducing me to literature, reading and writing for so long, I attribute much of my progress to this book and it’s influence in helping me write again after so long. As a result, I have written prolifically in recent weeks and developed much as a result, as well as in response to the example Miller’s writing set for individuality and authenticity. My writing has, beyond any doubt, benefitted much from my reentry into reading and the example set by Miller’s personality and unapologetic subjective framework for experience and the recording thereof through writing.

Reference: Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller. Obelisk Press. 1934


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